Beautiful snow

In the last few months, we had not one but two actual lanscape covering finger numbing snow storms. In case you were still in doubt, I loooooooove snow ♥   So imagine my thrill at having a snow storm delivered right at my doorstep! 

Favorites of 2017

The first week of the new year. A perfect moment for looking back at the past year and cherish my favorite events of 2017. #17of2017

Sneak peek

Hey you guys! I’ve been enjoying the sunny weather way too much to keep up blogging lately. Here’s some of the highlights of the last few weeks!

5 Things

1. The weather We’ve been enjoying some awesome summer weather lately. Even though summer officially only started last week. We’ve had a lot of days with temperatures exceeding 25 °C and even quite some close to, or over 30 °C!

Getting things done by doing less

We all know that it’s a big step to apply theoretical knowledge onto your actual life. These next few bits I learnt about productivity however, I’ve been able to successfully implement in my own life in the last few months. So now it’s time for me to share them with…

It’s green outside!

When the rain cleared and the clouds dispersed one weekday evening, I went outside with a camera to see what beauty I could find.

Sneak peek

Springtime, Easter dinner and poffertjes with butter and powdered sugar.

Sneak peek

Pizza in the park, bread pudding and a whole lot of spring! A sneak peek into my week.

Music monday – Shine

Every other Monday I’m sharing a song that’s on repeat this week. Today’s song: Shine – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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