I’m glad to have you here at Happy reflections blog. You’re probably curious about me, just as I’m curious about you!

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The purpose of this blog is to make us both happier. Here’s how I want to achieve this:

  • Focus on the positive things
  • Create an archive of all the little things that make me happy
  • Write posts that will make you happy by reading them
  • No negative thoughts!

I’m working on Happy reflections to give myself more of a purpose, and time to reflect on all the wonderful things in my day to day life.

By reading blogs of other people just like me and you, I realised focusing on the little things makes all the difference. I was especially inspired by blog posts where I could relate to the writer, having struggles just like any of us, but figuring out a way to make the most of everything despite that.

Here’s me hoping that I can give you that same spark of happiness, energy and motivation by just reading my little stories.

Who am I

  • I’m a 26 year old Dutch lass
  • Currently living in the suburbs with my boyfriend and our cat
  • Working in IT, 4-5 days a week
  • Trying to find my purpose in life
  • Love reading and eating strawberries

About you

Of course I’m also very curious about you! You’re taking the time to read all this, so for that I already love you! Want to let me know who you are, what motivates you and whether you like reading my blog? Let me know in the comments, I’ll be super excited!

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