Happy autumn recipe: pumpkin spice latte

What’s more perfect to complete a cold and rainy autumn day than a hot bath? Right! A pumpkin spice latte!

Do you know that experience… that once you notice something once, you can’t help but noticing it everywhere? Welcome to my pumpkin spice latte experience, ha! ūüėÄ

I got introduced to the Pumpkin spice latte concept on my trip to Zagreb a few weeks back. On our way back we made a pit stop at Starbucks to order me a large pumpkin spice latte. “With whipped cream?” the girl at the counter asked. I made the mistake of saying no. What a pumpkin spice latte n00b am I! Luckily for me, our server had some experience with this, so she just said “What?! A pumpkin spice latte WITHOUT whipped cream? Are you not feeling well?!“. So there we go. And it’s safe to say I won’t be making that mistake again.

pumpkin spice latte autumn

I actually had quite a hard time to find a recipe that I could cook in batch and which seemed to suit my first pumpkin spice latte experience. There are so many recipes out there… There are even a lot of versions currently being blogged about, therefore I was in doubt whether or not to post this recipe. But then I figured, while I’m writing these posts for you, I’m definitely writing these posts for me as well. And I need to be able to find this recipe again a year from now!

Ingredients for 10 freeze-or-use portions:

  • 400 gr pumpkin (without skin)
  • 2 tsp pumpkin spice or the Dutch¬†speculaaskruiden
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 cup almond milk

Ingredients per latte:

  • 1 portion of pumpkin spice puree
  • 1/2 cup of almond or coconut milk
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • Whipped cream

I used sweetened almond milk and I even add sweetened coconut milk (which tastes even sweeter). Guess who’s got a sweet tooth, haha! If your resolve is stronger than mine you can of course use the unsweetened version. If all else fails you can always add some sugar or sweetener in the end anyway.

boiling pumpkin

The main works of course, is¬†the pumpkin puree. I boiled¬†the pumkin for 10-15 minutes. You could also roast¬†the pumkin pieces in the oven. Rens Kroes has a recipe for you if you want to go that way. Roasting the pumpkin pieces will probably preserve more of the flavor. But since our oven is throwing fits lately, I wasn’t going to risk my precious batch of pumpkin!

pumpkin puree

After letting the pumpkin pieces cool down a bit, I added the spices and almond milk. Ready to puree! I used our hand blender to make the mix into a smooth substance. Depending on how much structure you like in your latte, you could also put the puree through a sieve after using your blender.

I devided the pumkin puree in 10 portions, and put all but one portion in the freezer right away.

add milk

From here on it’s a walk in the park. Just put a portion of the pumpkin puree in a tall, heat resistant glass or a big mug,¬†add the milk and heat it up a little. I put mine in the microwave, because if you don’t heat up this amount of milk, you’ll be drinking a lukewarm latte.

add coffee

Then of course the second most important ingredient: coffee!

And to finish it up, the only thing left to do is to  add some whipped cream.
Yes, this step is obligatory! period.

pumpkin spice latte

Looks pretty, doesn’t it! Actually I didn’t puree the pumpkin¬†properly the first time, so I kinda had to chew my way through¬†my first latte. The picture above was therefore aptly named “my¬†attempt at a failed but pretty PSL”¬†1.

Now every time I’ve got a hot beverage craving, I just grab a portion from the fridge, add some coconut milk, heat it up in the microwave before adding coffee, add a bunch of whipped cream, and I’m good to go!

Inspired by the pumpkin spice steamed milk recipe of the bold abode, and a touch of  1 The Quiet Cold


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