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In the past year we’ve prepared ourselves to get an all new bathroom installed. Before we could make decisions about this, we first had to define our style. When anything (well… almost) is possible, how would you want your bathroom to look?

In our previous home, we had a great bathroom. With matte white and dark grey tiles it looked modern and spacious. The bathroom featured everything we could want: A bath, a separate shower, a wash basin, mirror, toilet and storage space for necessities.

Collage bathroom

Even though we liked the bathroom in our previous home, we felt this wouldn’t do for us when we would build a bathroom from scratch. As I said before, it was a great bathroom. But to recreate that one felt like a shortcut to “ok” instead of putting in some more effort to reach “wow”. I have to admit, we did re-evaluate this choice at some moments in our new bathroom design process. But I feel confident we can achieve “wow”!

Let me first show you the old bathroom in our current house, to get an idea of the space we’re working with. Functionally it holds everything we would want in a bathroom: A (huge) bathtub, a separate shower, a wash basin with some storage space and a mirror. We’ve got quite some space, as you can see in the pictures below. So enough room to play with!

our old bathroom

As you can see, the people who picked out this bathroom 20 years ago had a liking for tile patterns and different colors. I really liked the size of the bathroom and the fact that it has a separate and very big bath tub, but that’s about it. I won’t be sorry to see these tiles go.

I started out by reading magazines and visiting bathroom showrooms, but I figured out that I didn’t have a clue as to what style I was looking for. Of course I saw a lot that I liked or even loved, but it is next to impossible to pick out tiles and other elements for a bathroom when you don’t have a style or ambiance in mind to achieve. So, I decided to take a step back.

I don’t feel like cutting out pictures and creating a mood board, but I figured there is this thing called Pinterest, maybe I should try that! So off I went, spending evening after evening getting lost in pictures of beautiful bathrooms. I pinned everything I would like to have in my bathroom. From tile colors to baths and showers to solutions for bathrooms under a slanted roof. Here’s a small selection of my Pinterest bathroom mood board.

Bathroom inspiration collage

1. Wow. Just Wow! The zen color palette, the space, the curve of the wall, the pebbles… WANTS!
Ok. Hold it. Maybe I should be realistic: this just won’t fit inside our bathroom. And it’ll be cold in the winter. And it’s probably hell to clean! Okay. I feel better now, knowing I’ll never own a bathroom like this 🙂
2. So spacious even though it’s got a slanted roof. The standalone bathtub looks so luxurious, and placing it under the slanted roof is an efficient use of the space.

Bathroom inspiration collage 2

1. I’m missing a little finesse here, but I love the way the pebbles and the wood make you feel in touch with the ocean.
2. The wood and white combination works great, just like in no. 3. I also love that the shelves go all the way to the back of the room, underneath the slanted roof. This makes the room look whole and is in perfect unison with the wash basins placed on top of the shelf.

Bathroom inspiration collage 3

1. The plants and wood flooring make it seem as if you’re taking a shower in a rain forest. What’s not to like!
2. Love the way the pebbles are like a path through a park and bring a little bit of outside feeling inside
3. This is probably the odd one out, and even though I don’t like this bathtub at all, I love the cozy ambiance created by all the warm colors.

If we compare all these bathrooms, there’s definitely some themes going on here. Figuring this out helped me a lot in picking out all aspects of our new bathroom:

  • ♥  In touch with nature
  • ♥  Warm and muted colors
  • ♥  Wood
  • ♥  White for a fresh contrast
  • ♥  Apparently I have a thing for pebbles. Never knew…

So if you’re ever going to take on a big redesign project, I can really recommend collecting pictures of everything you like. This is a really easy way to discover what your style is.



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  1. Haha, yeah, I know what you’re talking about! I had a hard time finishing this blog post for exactly the same reason.

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