It’s green outside!

When the rain cleared and the clouds dispersed one weekday evening, I went outside with a camera to see what beauty I could find.

I absolutely love the play of the sun between the trees. Especially the golden glow the sun has just before sunset, hearing nothing but the wind rustling through the leaves brings me so much peace.

And can you see the way the sun makes the dandelions seem like they’re popping out of the grass like light bulbs.

On my way to the park I encountered a lot of beautiful flowers of which I don’t even know the names.

And I always get thrown back to my childhood when looking and smelling Cow Parsley. The tiny white leaves creating a canopy like those large African trees you might find in the savannah. When I was young I used to play outside in between hundreds of these plants. They’d grow so large that we could crawl in between them without ever being spotted.

I also looked forward to checking out the sheep that I saw being transported to the park near us. Two to three times a year, the sheep are put in a pen at the park to graze and fertilize the ground in a natural way. I think this is a great alternative to mowing the park and it makes for something to see for everyone around.

I still can’t really grasp how big the difference between different photographs can be. Take for instance the sheep above and these flowers on a green background below. It seems like they’ve been made by a different person with a different camera in different circumstances. However, I took both with the same camera only a few minutes apart and a few meters apart.

Like a pro, huh?

I’d been purposefully running through the field, trying to find fully developed dandelions where the seeds hadn’t blown off yet. After capturing a few of them however, I noticed that as soon as I looked through the lens, the dandelions that were missing some fluff looked actually so much beautiful than the perfectly round ones.

The picture above is by far one of my proudest pictures so far. I’m really thrown back at how professional it looks. ♥

To top it off, I ran into a beautiful blossom tree on the way back home. Looking at this abundance of flower petals makes me feel like something inside me is waking up, and I’m marvelled by seeing the beauty of nature almost like it’s for the first time.

What did you do to enjoy the spring weather?

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