Cat photography

You probably know already, that I love my cat. Lately I’ve been experimenting with photography a bit and I found myself in need of a willing subject.

Sneak peek of my week

The last two weeks have not been extremely interesting, so I decided to combine my activities of the two weeks into one overview. I’ve been experimenting with how often I post on my blog to find the way to get the most out of it.

Sneak peek of my week

Some weeks are just not that interesting. Basically this week consisted of work, and puttering about in our home. Which was absolutely fine by me, but it doesn’t make for a very enthralling weekly update. But for you, of course, I’ll try my best!

Sneak peek of my week

A new year for me means a new agenda. A fresh start and of course an excuse to buy a cute new agenda. I’ve been very firm in keeping a hardcopy agenda instead of a digital one for quite some years now. This time however I’ve been seriously reevaluating that…

Clearing your head with Headspace

I haven’t shared an app review with you before. Usually, I’m not that thrilled about the apps on my phone. This time however… Headspace! Headspace is more than just an app.