Favorites of 2017

The first week of the new year. A perfect moment for looking back at the past year and cherish my favorite events of 2017. #17of2017

1. Cappuccino’s – It’s hard to imagine that I ever used to drink black coffee when in need of a caffeine shot. As it turns out, I’ve been enjoying so many vanilla cappuccino’s and caramel macchiato’s the past year, that I’ve completely lost my taste for unsugared coffee. And you know what, I love it!

2. Italy – Italy has always been one of my favorite vacation spots, and to go there not once but twice this year was an immense treat. To be able to enjoy a week in a picturesque villa in Tuscany together with my grandma and the rest of my family is a memory that I’ll keep forever close.

3. Kitty love – At least once every day I realise how lucky we are, sharing our lives with our cat. I realised this year that we’ve been house mates for over 7 years already, unbelievable!

4. New eyes – It was a huge step, but this year I finally got my eyes lasered so I don’t need to wear glasses any longer. And I’m so glad I did.

5. Reading – I’ve always loved reading but for some reason I haven’t been reading overly much the past years. Setting a yearly reading goal of 30 books for myself past January helped me rediscover my love for reading. I passed the 30 book mark in 3-4 months (what?!) and stopped counting around book 50 somewhere this summer.

6. Blankets – What goes best with a book apart from cappuccino? That’s either basking on a picknick blanket in the sun, or cuddling beneath a nice and fluffy blanket on the couch.

7. Flowers – I’ve never been one for maintaining vases of flowers at home, but I noticed I really love spotting flowers during regular walks or park visits. Flowers are also wonderful subjects for beautiful pictures

8. Netflix – This year I’ve hardly watched any television in favor of watching Netflix and by now I can’t even imagine anymore how people can stand the commercial breaks on regular television. Also I came to the realisation that Top Gear is one of the few programs that literally makes me laugh out loud multiple times each episode, so being able to watch the old Top Gear episodes on Netflix is a real treat.

9. Sleep – I just love this.

10. Checklists – The power of writing down your thoughts instead of having them circle around in your head all day is an immense stress reliever. This helps me to get the most out of favorite no. 9 as well, which is great!

11. Saying No – Finding that it’s ok to say no, and to focus on the activities that give me energy, instead of joining events that drain my energy has been a valuable discovery for me this past year.

12. Camping – Having finally taken matters in my own hands I bought a tent this year and I’ve even dared to go camping on my own! The rustle of the leaves, the smell of the dew on the grass, being outside all the time and spending over an hour to cook some macaroni. Camping is the perfect way to get down to earth.

13. Running – I’d have laughed at you, had you told me last year that I would enjoy to go running. By now however, I’ve discovered the meaning of the term Runners High and even 4 months in, I still manage to go running once or twice a week, which is a major achievement for me.

14. Commuting by train – Last June our office moved to the city center of Rotterdam, making a commute by car even less desirable. Switching to a commute by train, deciding my own departure times and being able to spend the time commuting reading a book or getting some work done works great for me. I’ve even increased the enjoyment this december by obtaining a thermos so I can bring tea!

15. Taking a bath – Taking time to take a bath is something that hasn’t gotten a lot of priority from me the last few years. This year however, I made more time for relaxing and I love the feeling of submerging myself in the hot water. Of course, taking a bath is a great combo with reading a book. It’s almost as relaxing as…

16. Visiting the sauna – This is such a treat. After visiting the sauna with a friend I feel as if I am relaxed down to my bones.

17. The sun – Basking in the sun gives me so much energy, I’m glad to have been out a lot this year. Either for walks, runs or camping trips, to enjoy the sun ♥


The main theme for 2017 has definitely been to take time for myself. To rediscover and enjoy those things I love to do. To do things by myself, to take charge, and to make my own decisions based purely on the question: how will this make me feel.

Looking back in this way helps me relive the wonderful moments this year brought me. So if your haven’t already, I can really recommend to grab a pen and taking a moment to make a list of your own.


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