Morning walk

Not nearly often enough I go out for a morning walk. This doesn’t even have to be at a special location. Even walking through the suburbs relaxes my body and mind at least as much as yoga does. Every garden or little park you pass has its own fresh, wet, green smell. This makes me feel alive!

Every season brings its its own fresh smells, its own tingling feeling on your skin. What I find most magical about morning walks is the silence. Even though you might pass the occasional car or person, it feels like the world is still asleep.

Morning walk

This walk I started a mental list of the lovely things I encounter during my morning walks, which I want to keep on top of my mind as to remember the way I feel during those walks all day long.

  • ♥  The smell of freshly mowed grass
  • ♥  The smell of pine trees
  • ♥  The smell of conifer covered in dew
  • ♥  Sunshine sparkling in the dew covered grass
  • ♥  Rays of sunshine filtering through the trees
  • ♥  The odd frog jumping into a pond
  • ♥  Peeking into secluded gardens

Last winter I had an especially memorable morning walk. It was my birthday and when I woke up everything outside was frosted over. The sharp edge of the cold morning air in my nostrils. The frozen dew drops on the grass, the mist above the fields. I still remember all of those vividly.

Do you ever go on a morning walk? What makes those special for you?

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