Sneak peek

Pizza in the park, bread pudding and a whole lot of spring! A sneak peek into my week.

In the past few weeks the end of the winter has been marked by flowers blooming all around. Little narcissus popping up in the garden, grape hyacinths coming back from the dead in a discarded planter. White and purple crocuses planted next along the city roads. I just can’t stop looking at all this beauty.

I tried out a new quick recipe for bread pudding. The name doesn’t whet my appetite, but it’s basically an easy to make cake. Instead of regular bread, I used raisin bread. Together with the banana, cream and cinnamon, it makes a perfect companion for cappuccino. The recipe I used can be found on the Dutch site

Another spring treat: Cherry blossom trees all around! At my parents place, we have a cherry blossom tree in the front yard. This used to be my favorite climbing tree all year round. When I grew older, this was my favorite place to capture pictures of the pink blossom, especially with the deep blue sky as a backdrop. I discovered the first pink blossom of this spring in a little garden near work.

A few days later, the cherry blossom tree in our garden burst in to life as well ♥

The weather was so amazing that it was a treat to spend time outside, even after a full working day. When the traffic was heavy last week, we decided to grab some pizzas on the go and to head to the closest park.

I captured some stunning sunsets again. One from the car, where you can see the reflection of the sun in the water.

And one from our bedroom. We were actually watching a movie, when the coloring of the clouds on the opposite side of the sunset alerted us to get off the couch and look at the west to the setting sun.

Spring is also a great time to practice my green thumb. I don’t have one yet, but I figure if I just keep trying, I’ll get there one day.

I also had a blog date with delicious snacks, got together with my little sis, and I spent a whole day relaxing and getting pampered in the spa at Thermen Bussloo. This pretty garden I discovered quite near to work, when I walked back from the city center.

And finally, the time has come for my favorite shoes of the past few years (on the right), to make way for a more decent pair (on the left). Goodbye my faithful little friends!

And of course, no week passes without me making at least ten cat pictures.

What was your favorite day of the week?

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