5 Things

1. The weather

We’ve been enjoying some awesome summer weather lately. Even though summer officially only started last week. We’ve had a lot of days with temperatures exceeding 25 °C and even quite some close to, or over 30 °C! Hot summer days nearly always improve my mood. The heat relaxes my muscles, calls to me to go outside, gives my skin a healthy glow and I love being able to dig up my shorts and summer tops from the closet. I even wore a skirt and a dress to work last week, which is definitely a first for me, at least since I started my current job over three years ago.

I noticed that the weather seems even nicer once I grab the cushions for our garden chairs and when I put a potted plant on the table outside. Maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s my association with other summer days, I’m not sure, but it sure makes me smile!

2. Flowers

Wonderful weather equals wonderful flowers. Our garden is blooming and I just love it. Also, my little herb garden is coming along nicely. Basil, parsley and mint are currently being grown, as well as a new try at cherry tomato’s. Last year, I discovered the first actual cherry tomato somewhere in October, long after I’d given up hope. This year I know to keep faith and be patient.

These huge white fireworks like flowers only bloom once every two years. We got to enjoy them the first year we moved here, and this year I’ve been enjoying the anticipation, knowing what would come out of the asparagus like green stalks that have been growing higher an higher the past month.

Just kidding, I just wish that these were growing in our garden. My boyfriend treated me to these Chrysanthemum (the Dutch pluischrysant) in a beautiful pale lilac color. They look like real life stock pictures ♥

3. Frappuccino

Need I say more? I have a new favorite drink for sure! Just add sun + book and you’ve got the makings for a perfect lazy afternoon. Or morning… or evening 😀

4. Rome

I went to Rome with my best friend, which was a lot of fun! I hadn’t been before and I’ll be sure to treat you to all of my highlights in another post. For now suffice to say that they’ve got an unbelievable amount of ancient treasures, amazing weather and, if you’re staying for more than two days, you might also consider visiting the beach. Just as we did!

5. Kitty cat

Duh, what else did you expect the fifth item in this list to be?!
Just look at this cutie. I often see our little buddy this way, because he loves to hang around and play on the stairs when we’re nearby.

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  1. I also enjoyed a frappuccino at the starbuck when I met up with an ex colleague after work on one of these warm days. Liked it very much. They also added a lot of whipped cream and caramel sauce. Mmmm.

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