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Hey you guys! I’ve been enjoying the sunny weather way too much to keep up blogging lately.
Here’s some of the highlights of the last few weeks!

I wasn’t planning on bragging, but I have to say I’m super proud of myself: I’ve been working out on a regular basis and I am actually building up some stamnia. Instead of hardly being able to run for a full minute, I can now handle two minutes of running, with one minute of walking in between, five times over! But most of all, I’m proud that I’ve been keeping up those workouts.
Yay for me!

Last week I even decided to go running before work. I was rewarded with a spectacular view of a thin layer of fog coating the fields. The sun was shining through the fog, creating beams of light and creating picturesque silhouettes of the people working in the fields.

In our own garden, I discovered this wicked array of colored cherry tomatoes.
A month ago, the plant showed only one tomato, but since I’ve been giving it some more water and the sun has been shining a lot more, I’ve discovered at least 10 other tiny tomatoes. Can’t wait to try them out!

My brother in law threw a party in a “theetuin” (tea garden). They’ve got this super romantic orchard where you just take a seat under the apple trees and eat apple pie.

I also love walking around the orchard there, discovering flowers in full bloom and fragrant herbs.

Together with our nephew, we went frog spotting. Unfortunately for him, we didn’t spot any frogs. Fortunately for me, however, we did spot this beautiful water lily.

Our cat has been enjoying the sunny weather from inside. He’s been making a sport out of finding the hottest spot in between the window and the curtains, and lazing there as long as possible without overheating. And when it does get too warm for him there, he’ll just stretch out, peeking out from under the curtain.

Some colleagues at work organised a frisbee clinic for the team. When I was a lot younger we used to throw a frisbee around, but that was a long time ago. I actually had no idea that (ultimate) frisbee is an actual sport, and that you can also play frisbee like you play golf, with a different kind of frisbee for each throw.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather (we had rain almost all week this week, and blue skies during the frisbee clinic), so we had a great time.

I’m planning on buying a frisbee myself, to keep up the new skills I learned and to pass them around. Frisbee is a great past time where you can decide for yourself on the intensity of the game.

On my day off I made a new friend. A baby snail that was very keen to discover my hand. Most snails just retreat into their shells when you touch them. Not this little guy, I even had a hard time capturing a picture since he was moving so fast.

My little sis visited this week as well and we baked these amazing macrons. I’d never baked a macron before, but seeing the end results, no one would guess. This was also the first time for me making butter cream. We added frozen raspberries and the end result was finger licking good. ♥

What was the highlight of your week?

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