Sneak peek of my week

Last week was a little less eventful for me than the previous few weeks. We made a yummy pasta and I went to visit the new kitty cat cafe Pebbles in Rotterdam.

rainy day walk

The week started out quietly last weekend, when I decided to go out for a walk regardless of the weather.

The weekend before, I had such a splendid time in the nature reserve Dintelse Gorzen near our home, that I couln’t wait to go out again. Needless to say, the experience was quite different because this time I was walking through a steady downpour. I remember feeling like a real tough girl, trudging though the mud in the rain all by myself. All animals seemed to be hiding out, I didn’t hear any birds chirping and the Highland cows didn’t show themselves either. Listening to the raindrops tapping on my hood took me back to my childhood, where we went camping every year in the summer. Listening to that sound for over 1.5 hours was actually quite soothing.

And of course, what’s a better way to follow up a rainy walk than with a cup of cocoa and a nice hot bath!

pasta 45

With a few ingredients that were on sale, we created this unexpectedly photogenic and yummy pasta!

autumn bunnies

It’s getting colder outside. We even had to de-ice our car windows for the first time this year. Luckily my bunnies have been working up a nice and thick fur coat. I helped them out a little more by making their beds with some extra straw. The bunnies are now winter-proof!

loose tea leaves

I’ve finally found some jars for storing my loose tea leaves. I’ve become a big fan of the Secret of Toetanchamon white tea, but I had yet to find a way to keep it fresh. This week I found these little jars at IKEA and they look great, makes me want to make a cup of tea yet again!


On Friday I visited Pebbles kitty cat cafe for an unscripted blogging workshop. Of course the kitties got a little more attention than our blogging plans, because that’s just what happens when you meet up in a cat cafe. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it turned out to be a great experience. We got a lot of attention from the cats. The three youngest ones (one of them posing as a cat super model in the picture above) were so much more energetic than our own cat. I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have cats around that are constantly exploring everything around them, so cute!

I would definitely recommend anyone who likes cats to visit a cat cafe. To just enjoy the cat company and a cup of tea, to read a book or to catch up with someone. Don’t expect to get too much done though, you’ll be distracted by kitty cuteness way too often!


Though I’ve only just discovered Pumpkin spice latte as my favorite autumn drink, I’ve already got a replacement for winter queued up: Moccachino. Moccachino is basically a cappuchino combined with hot cocoa. Once I run out of my Pumpkin spice latte batch, I’m definately going to figure out the best Moccachino recipe!

What were your happy moments this week?

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