Sneak peek of my week

Some weeks are just not that interesting. Basically this week consisted of work, and puttering about in our home. Which was absolutely fine by me, but it doesn’t make for a very enthralling weekly update. But for you, of course, I’ll try my best!

I pressed some fresh orange juice this week ♥

Also, I had a strawberry. ♥

I ran into a strawberry sale, where the prices were the same as they would be in the middle of the summer. So I decided I should definitely brighten up my day with some strawberries!

The shortest days of winter have passed, so that means we’re seeing the occasional brightening sky when commuting to work. I even managed to capture a stunning sunset again!

I did run into this batmobile kind of vehicle. I don’t even know what it is. Is it a car? Or is it a trike with a roof?

Eventually I decided I should spend a few minutes researching this super hero transportation device. Apparently the Carver has been featured in one of the episodes of Top Gear, where Jeremy Clarkson said “I’ve never had so much fun in a car”. So now we know.

The designers even developed a version that can fly (click), holy ***! And all designed in our hometown worktown. Anyway, I digress…

I found a new home for our bunnies today. I’ve been asking myself lately which of the things that I spend my time on actually make me happy and which things don’t make me happy as much as they should. After a few months of consideration I decided I should just be honest with myself. Even though I do love our bunnies, it annoys me that they require so much maintenance and I can’t fully benefit their cuteness because I don’t like to sit outside in the cold and dark after a work day. I’d much rather sit on the couch with our cat in my lap, or run around the house with a fake mouse to entertain the cat. I get so much more out of that.

One thing that does always seem to brighten my mood is being surrounded by nature. On my day off I decided to go for a bike ride despite the -1°C temperatures. I love staring over the fields, breathing in the crisp air and just letting my mind wander.

How was your “blue monday” week?

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