Sneak peek of my week

It’s been quite some time since the last sneak peek, you must be wondering what I’ve been up to!

I did some more interesting things, like:

Discovering a pizza place in Rotterdam called Sugo, I’ll be returning there when I have the opportunity!

Celebrating Carnaval by visiting the nighttime parade.

Shopping for new jewellery, a belated birthday gift.

Visiting a museum on outdated crafts, which was a collection of collections, for instance this nice collection on old cameras.

I had lunch with my mom and my grandma at this amazing location in Barneveld.

Where they served wonderfully prepped dishes. Easter is coming!

And also I did a lot of low profile things, like capturing a beautiful sunrise.

And discovering spring in our back yard.

I also spent quite some time cuddling with our cat

And I’ve been enjoying a lot of cappuccinos

I tried out a new banana and chocolate cake recipe, yumm!

And I held a photoshoot for a Happy recipe that’s coming online next week.

In addition, a lot of time was spent last week on our rebuilding of the living room, and replacement of all the windows around our house. For this we needed to protect all our furniture, by wrapping it up in plastic.

And while all windows were being replaced, the contractor focussed on tearing down a wall, to realise the sliding doors to our garden.

The end result is amazing! We’ve got so much more light inside, and such an amazingly wide and uninterrupted view of our garden. I can’t wait till the sun comes out again!

I also got to set up a flower arrangement in the vase I picked out last weekend. Which I felt we really needed to complement the bigger windows 😀

What did your week look like?

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