Sneak peek of my week

Last weekend we went on a trip to celebrate our 8th anniversary. We’d booked a room in nice little hotel which turned out to have a great view from our room.

Sneak peek of my week

This week I went to Zagreb, did a lot of relaxation and planned some more free time for myself. Last weekend I went to visit Zagreb, the beautiful capital of Croatia. You’ve already been able to read about my visit in detail in my previous blogpost….

City trip tip: Zagreb

Last weekend I visited Zagreb with my colleagues. We go on an annual city trip with the whole office to work on team building and to just have fun and enjoy each others company.

Music Monday – Happy

Every monday I’m sharing a song that’s on repeat this week. Today’s song: Happy – Pharrell Williams. Of course, this song had to be featured here at Happy Reflections. I remember it being a big hit a few years back. You’d hear it everywhere and I didn’t…

Sneak peek of my week

I enjoyed the beautiful weather, we went on a bike trip and I have a new favorite hangout spot at home! This weekend we went on a bike trip. We went with some friends on an elaborate tour of the countryside. We actually didn’t go…

Clutter free

Today I’m sharing a super easy, big result organizing trick with you! Did you know that clutter attracts other clutter?

Apple oatmeal cookies

To be able to snack responsibly, I need to have healthy alternatives at hand to tame my sweet cravings. When I found this recipe online, I had to try it right away.