Happy 6-month anniversary!

It’s a time for celebrating, because Happy Reflections is celebrating its first half-year anniversary!

August 26th 2017, I published my first post here on Happy Reflections.

So lets reflect…

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♥  9 Favorite music posts
♥  3 Happy recipes
♥  10 Dedicated subject posts

When I started this blog I really didn’t have any way of guessing how blogging would suit me. I’d hardly even written something except emails and school papers, so I was basically throwing myself in the deep end of the pool. Another unsure element was whether I could keep up dedicating some of my time to blogging, while I’d already felt overwhelmed with tasks before I started. I guess it all turned out pretty well!

Maintaining a blog has actually changed the way I look at things. At first of course by focussing my attention on all of the little happy moments in my life I should be thankful of. And later on by realising that certain activities are not only special for me, but might even be interesting enough to dedicate a blog post to.

When looking back to my goals for happyreflections.com, I feel pretty proud. Not only did I work on all my personal goals, it also worked out pretty well for you guys, you let me know.

I’m not at all sure if I could have continued sharing my experiences if it wasn’t for all the positive feedback I received through comments and in real life, so thank you for that. It means the world to me!

Thanks to this amazingly positive experience, I feel energised to continue looking out to the world from a the perspective of someone who shares happy experiences with anyone who’s interested.

Cheers to another half year, whole year or hopefully even multiple years of blogging!

I’m buying!

Since it’s pretty hard to download actual editable treats, I’ve prepared a digital treat for you: a free homemade phone wallpaper!

Just click here to download the wallpaper and configure the image as a wallpaper for your home screen!


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