Music Monday – The Hop

Every other Monday I’m sharing a song that’s on repeat this week.

Today’s song: The Hop – Radio Citizen feat.Bajka

I’m not exactly sure what it is in this song that makes me feel happy. Ok, maybe I do know, it’s the rhythm, the pauses and the melody that do it for me. But it’s not really the kind of song I usually listen to.

I love the way the song starts out with just one track, and continues expanding until it’s an actual song. The anticipation of the tracks coming together, waiting for the moment the song has taken shape, keeps me interested every time.

This song is a great example of the power of a break in the rhythm for me. Back when I was more involved in playing percussion instruments and drum, I was often told to not only play, but not to be afraid of including some silence either. Now I know, breaks and pauses can really take a rhythm to the next level.

What’s is your favorite song this week?

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