Music Monday – From the movie Mathilda

Every Monday I’m sharing a song that’s on repeat this week.

Today’s song: Send me on my way – Rusted Root.

One of my childhood favorite movies was Mathilda. Whenever I hear the song “Send me on my way”, I get that happy feeling from the ending scene of Mathilda (which features this song).

Music has a way of being stored in my mind together with other sensory input. Be it smell, color or emotion. Once I’ve listened to a song in a particular setting (for instance during a movie scene, while feeling either happy or down, or while mowing the grass, it’ll stay connected to that feeling. Whenever I hear the song again, I’ll feel the same way as when I originally listened the song.

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I watched the Mathilda movie for the first time. Some parts I remember being quite scary, and I also remember feeling so thrilled when Mathilda finds out she can move objects with her mind. I’ve since watched the movie lots of times, and I can replay most of the happy scene in my mind when listening to this song, and feel as if I’m as happy as Mathilda when she can finally enjoy her time as a kid, with a loving parent by her side.

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