Music Monday – The smallest piece

Every other Monday I’m sharing a song that’s on repeat this week.

Today’s song: The smallest piece (soundtrack Beasts of the Southern Wild) – Dan Romer

Though I didn’t even see this movie, I love the soundtrack!

My taste in music depends heavily on my mood, but more often than not a good movie soundtrack will lift my spirits. I mostly like instrumental soundtracks. What appeals to me about soundtracks is that the music often carries a lot of emotion, and it’s really easy to let your fantasy run free while listening.

This song, “The smallest piece” has such a lighthearted melody, yet at the same time contains a deep and powerful buildup.

With all the different sounds in there, this is definitely not a song to listen to in the car, half of the song gets lost on the way to your ears in that case. It’s outputted perfectly by my headphones or the home entertainment system, and I just love listening to it.

Which movie soundtracks make you happy?

2 thoughts on “Music Monday – The smallest piece

  1. Watch the movie, it’s really good!

    One of the soundtracks that always makes me happy is the soundtrack for ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’! I believe it’s totally appropriate to listen to it all year round, but this period between Halloween and Christmas is the perfect time to get into it if you’re more traditional 😉

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