OMG – Snow!

Some things just make me extremely happy.

One of those is when the sun shines on a day without any commitments. Those days feel rare and aren’t really in my control (though now that I look at it: I can’t make the sun shine, but I might be able to discard my obligations if a leisurely day in the sun does indeed make me as happy as I think).

Another thing that makes me extremely happy and is even more out of my control, is when it snows.

Snow is quite a rare condition for the Netherlands. It usually only snows a few days each winter, and most of those days the temperature does not drop below the freezing point, so the snow melts as soon as it hits the ground.

This winter I’ve been very lucky, because we’ve had almost two weeks of cold temperatures, and three small snow showers!

You can probably guess how excited I was to wake up one Saturday morning and realise there was a white veil of snow covering everything outside. The picture above is my view from the bedroom window when I discovered that the forecasted snow hadn’t melted right away. Yay!!!

We had some breakfast and decided to go outside for a walk right after, to enjoy this winter wonder land.

Our little bird perch with a snow covered roof and the Christmas lights I kept installed as long as possible.

Outside of the village, the fog had coated everything, freezing layer by layer, until there was a thick layer of ice coating every leaf. An amazing sight! Every leaf is like a glass piece of art.

Icicles are not a common sight either with the not-so-cold weather out here. These look so perfect they almost look fake.

What I love about snow
♥   How beautiful everything outside is
♥   How muted all the sounds are
♥   The crunching sound every step you take
♥   The way a regular visit to the store can become an adventurous journey

Once back inside the snow had already started melting a little. So I’m glad we decided to go for a walk first thing in the morning.

Were you able to enjoy the snow as well this year?

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