Cat photography

You probably know already, that I love my cat. Lately I’ve been experimenting with photography a bit and I found myself in need of a willing subject.

Usually I like to photograph flowers and sunsets, but neither is always around (especially in winter), and neither is as cute as our cat.

Of course with a cat, or any pet, you can’t just tell them to sit still and smile, while you are taking a bunch of photos.

So here’s my solution: a glass of water.

Our cat is obsessed with any water that’s not in his own drinking bowl. Especially watering plants and glasses of water seem irresistible for our cat. He’ll go sit beside the glass and take his time to lap up the water, and put his paw in and lick the water from his paw. You can even extend the time he enjoys himself by making sure he can’t reach the water with his snout, so he’ll have to use his paw to reach the water.

I love the light in our living room when the sun shines. However, since the light is very directional, it’ll create dark shadows on the subject as well. You can see the difference, the three pictures at the top of the post are made with just the directional light from the sunshine, all pictures below that (like the two pictures above) are made with both sunlight and a reflector. At first I built one myself, using only a cardboard sheet and some tin foil. These pictures however are made with a professional grade reflector, which I got as a birthday present, yay!

I love the green in the eyes of our cat. There’s so many different shades of green and specs of other colors in there.

Just thinking about this moment makes me so happy. This clear display of affection and trust from our cat, exploring my hand with his eyes closed. Pets can be such a gift.


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