Sneak peek of my week

We’ve been working on our kitchen again, which next to holiday shopping and thinking of rhyming words for Sinterklaasgedichten, has prevented me from writing a sneak peek post last week. Of course I’ll be making this up to you!

frosty grass

When my alarm went off Saturday before last, and I was still tucked in, I made a promise to myself: if it wasn’t raining outside, I would go for a run right away. When I got downstairs and opened the curtains, it turned out not only to be rain free morning, but also to be a beautiful one!

watching a highland cow

The next day I went for a nice walk again. This time not by myself, but together with my mom. We had a nice chat on the way and we finally spotted a Highland cow again. They look so cute and cuddly (well, except for their horns)! I got introduced to a great Dutch nickname for them: Knuffelbuffel. Which freely translates to cuddly buffalo, but with a nicer ring to it.

cheese fondue

Finally! It’s been so long since we last had a cheese fondue dinner. Back at home when I was a kid, my mom cooked us cheese fondue on special Sundays. My dad would put on classical music during dinner. Most often Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which till this day reminds me of cheese fondue whenever I hear it somewhere.

candlelight working

On Monday we had dinner with friends and Tuesday was my weekly working from home day. Because it’s gotten so gloomy outside, I decided to gather some candles and make myself a cozy working spot. I’ll be definitely doing that again!

office carpet

Here’s a picture of my shoes and the office carpet.
Do you have those days when you just haven’t got anything to tell about once you get home? Well… I do, occasionally. So I took a picture of our office carpet #fromwhereistand. And you know what, this picture actually still makes me smile. How’s that for a happy reflection!

visiting ikea

We’re being busy again! We got caught up in a new kitchen project. This one was actually on hold, but circumstances have brought it back to our attention, so here we go again! I would love to have some more storage space in our kitchen. The way the kitchen is designed works great when you’re cooking alone. But when you’re cooking together like we always do, we always seem to be in each others way. With some more storage space on the opposite wall, we can reorder our cabinets so we won’t be in each others way all the time.

fridge storage space

Another one of my big wishes was to have a bigger freezer. We’ve been making some great dishes lately, which take some time to prepare but where it’s easy to double the amount and store some for later. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t fit in the fridge. As you can see in the picture above, this won’t be a problem anymore!


Did you see the sky last Tuesday? Wow! Picture credits go to my lovely boyfriend.

Last weeks yoga session was both relaxing and invigorating. We focussed on the meridians in the legs and lower back, moving upward to the shoulders, arms and legs. I did my first “plow” pose . I found it to be a little hard to breath in this pose, but when I was back to being stretched out on my back, the amount of breath that fit into my lungs was very rewarding. The session ended in a relaxation moment where the air was infused with a fragrant peppermint oil, and we could relax, laying on our backs underneath a blanket.

I also learned the meaning of the phase Namaste, which we use as a form of thanks after every yoga session. I’ve been told Namaste means The light in me is the light in you. I like to think about the meaning of this. I guess it’s mostly a wish you well kind of phrase, showing respect and hinting at a deeper connection.


I’ve been making a lot of cat pictures these last two weeks. Some just because the light was great.

kitty wants candy

Some because apparently someone wanted a bit of kitty candy, which led to a funny picture.

kitty cuteness

Some of them because OMG look at that cuteness!!

cat ikea

One because I was almost fooled in thinking I’d get some help putting together this ikea cupboard.

sleepy cat

Some just because I wanted to do something other than screwing, hammering and sawing

steaming iron

And one last picture, which I just made because of the great light. Cheers to finding beauty in ordinary things!

What beautiful ordinary things did you spot this week?

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