Sneak peek of my week

Another busy week with DIY projects and holiday preparations!

Last week I told you about our huge new 2-door fridge. In addition to getting a bigger fridge, we also wanted to create some more storage space. I’m happy that we’d already decided this, because the side of the fridge that was facing the living room wasn’t very pretty. I’d expected the side to be made of inox, just like the doors, but it turned out just to be metal painted gray.

fridge builtin

Last week we already made a plan and went to get supplies at ikea. This weekend was dedicated to realising those plans. We put a wooden floor underneath the fridge to smooth out the tiled floor and we drilled a lot of holes in our concrete walls to fix the cupboards to the wall.

We still have some finishing touched to do, but I’m already very happy with the results so far.

rotterdam sunrise skyline

Because we’ve been leaving earlier to prevent getting stuck in traffic the last few weeks, I haven’t seen a lot of sunrises. Most of the days I got to the office while it was still dark. This monday however, we noticed a beautyful sky as the sun was still just below the horizon. I decided to walk over to the boulevard close to my office to take in these almost surreal colors. The dark silhouettes of Rotterdam skyline made the colored sky stand out even more.

goodie bag

Tuesday I went to the special VIP night at our local drug store. Basically that means longer opening hours and some special discounts and advice. Did I mention discounts? 😀

I was able to ask some questions to a professional makeup artist about my flaky skin and troubles I have finding the right foundation. She gave my face a nice exfoliating massage, and then put me in makeup. The last few times I went to such an event, I came back with layer upon layer of makeup on my face. This time was different, now I was still au naturelle, but enhanced. I had a smoother and more even skin and some nice peach blush. Also, I loved what she did with my eyes. Instead of liquid eyeliner, she used a dark blue eyeshadow powder, and massaged that into the base of my eyelashes, creating a dark line just above. Because she used loose powder, the line was not hard and rigid, but smooth and blurring out a little at the edge. I loved it! Definitely going to try to get the hang of this before Christmas! (nope, I didn’t make a picture… sorry…).

The cherry on top of this evening, was the goodie bag we got to take home. As you can see in the picture above, the bag was filled to the brim with testers and even a lot of actual products. Whew, I don’t think I ever got such a well-stocked goodie bag before!

pumpkin spice and pepernoten

Pumpkin spice with kruidnoten!

With only 2 batches of my yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte left, I discovered that it combines perfectly with kruidnoten! I’ve been eating a lot of Kruidnoten in the last few weeks, to get into the Sinterklaas holiday mood. Also we received the first Christmas card for this year, Christmas is finally coming closer!


Thinking about where I’m going to put up christmas decorations this year, focussed my attention on how beautiful the pumpkins are that we’ve got on display. Since I was experimenting with a photography backdrop / setup, I decided to give them some more attention! The weather was beautiful outside, so the light for making a picture indoors was fairly good as well.

frosted leaf

The cold nights this week made for additional beauty in our garden, because every leaf has a little frosted outline. I’ve also seen some beautiful ice crystals at night on our car window and on the carport roof of our neighbours.


Friday evening movie night! After a week of hard work, we love to crash on the couch. And we’ve got extra reason this week, because we’ve got a new TV to test. Yay for popcorn!

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    1. We watched Ex Machina. There are movies where you have no idea what’s going to happen next, and there are movies where you can tell right away how it’s going to end. For me, Ex Machina was right in between. Throughout the movie I got a million ideas on how the story might unfold, but at the same time I still didn’t have a clue as to how it would go.

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