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December 5th – Sinterklaas presents.
I love getting presents! And as much as I love getting presents, I love to give away presents at least as much!

chocolate letter

Around the holidays I sometimes get a little bit too excited, therefore I gave myself a budget per family member to spend on presents this year. This worked very well for me and actually made a lot of decisions a lot easier. Stress free gift shopping!

You guessed it, I got spoiled with a lot of chocolate again. My new stash might just last till next year! (Oh wait, that’s only 3 weeks from now… oh well…)

gingerbread men

Sinterklaas is also associated with Gingerbread men. So when I ran into an easy DIY kit, I decided we’d be trying out some home made gingerbread men soon! Painting their contours and faces with sugar mix took quite some concentration. I love how they turned out though, so cute!

The weeks before Sinterklaas are spent rhyming gedichten, wrapping presents and of course designing this years surprise. All combined with eating kruidnoten of course. All these events help building up quite some anticipation for the event itself for me.

december joy

I must have been a good girl again, because I received a lot of presents!
The glass bell was the most photogenic of my presents. The cute polar bear family inside was a gift I got from my boyfriend on our 8th anniversary ♥.

Since last Friday I’m officially out of Pumpkin spice mix. I figured since it’s now almost Christmas, I should switch to a winter coffee, instead of an autumn coffee. A few weeks back had my first Moccachino at The Tea Lab. This is something I could try making myself!

While trying out the first Moccachino recipe that crossed my path,
I decided that since I don’t have a milk frother yet, I was actually making something you could call a Chocolatte, instead of a Moccachino. Imagine my disappointment when I googled that word and found out that that’s already a thing.

pretty book

Look at the pretty book! I already wanted to read this book -that’s why I asked a colleague if I could borrow it-, but after seeing the cover and sides of this book, I want to read it even more!

I don’t come across books with printed sides often. The last book with printed sides I can remember reading was a story about a gingerbread man. What a coincidence!

christmas cat

When Sinterklaas is over, I give myself the green light for putting up Christmas decorations!

I get the most out of it when I combine putting up the decorations while listening Christmas carols and those Christmas songs everybody seems to hate (All I want for Christmas, Wham!, etc). I just love it, that’s Christmas for me 😀
While listening those songs, I couldn’t help but agree, “Why couldn’t it be Christmas every day”?!

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