Sneak peek of my week

You might have noticed there wasn’t a weekly update from me last weekend. I had so many lovely things going on that I simply didn’t get to it. So this update is a real treat, reflecting on two weeks with lots of happy moments!

restaurant Hagedis

I went out to dinner with my mom, and we ended up at Restaurant Hagedis in Den Haag. I didn’t know in advance, but it turned out to be an all organic and vegetarian restaurant. We ordered a Seitan bourguignon with sauerkraut, which was absolutely delicious! If I hadn’t known, I might not even have noticed that there wasn’t any meat in the bourguignon.

screensaver clock

This felt like a Christmas present! I’m very fond of these textual clocks that tell you the time in words (for instance “It is now half past three”). When I found out the price of those however, I realised those weren’t for me. Then I started programming one myself, thinking it couldn’t be that hard. Unfortunately, I haven’t pulled through and made it into a device we can put up in our home. So imagine my delight when I discovered this screensaver! At least that gives me the pleasure of seeing the clock every time I return to my desk at work.


FINALLY!!! I’ve been acting like I’m too busy to put on a coat of nail polish for over half a year now! *shame on me*!

This did result in it feeling like a mayor accomplishment when I finally got around to it though. I figured if I can’t make time for painting my nails around Christmastime, it’s never going to happen. I’m actually feeling very motivated again, I think I’ll even put on a different color right before Christmas. You go girl!

Christmas Antwerpen

Yay, I went Christmas shopping in Antwerpen! There was supposed to be a big Christmas market, which turned out to be quite a disappointment. Luckily for us, Antwerpen is a great city for shopping, so we ended up having a great day nonetheless.
Around lunch time we strolled into a fancy looking restaurant (yes, a restaurant visit again… third time in a row actually) with very appealing prices. I had a fingerlickin’ good mushroom linguine. ohh, I feel like I can still taste that sauce, yumm!

new coat

I’ve got a new coat! In Antwerpen I finally found the kind of coat that’s been on my wishlist since last winter. It’s been a challenge to find one looks both fitted and has long enough sleeves to keep my wrists warm. Oh, and I didn’t want it to be black either. So as you can see, I was able to check off all my requirements.
And since I was there with my fashionable best friend, she helped me pick out two matching scarves as well.

cuddly cat

I’ve been reading a lot of books and watching a lot of Netflix in the last few weeks, so our cat has become used to napping on my lap the entire evening. That causes me some discomfort of course, not wanting to move as not to disturb the kitty’s beauty nap. Because lets face it, when you’ve got this sleepy cuty in your sights, you don’t want to put an end to that ♥

tunnel cat

When clearing out our laundry room, I ran into some of our cats old toys again. He’s got a lot of toys, and just as with kids, they enjoy them best if you just select a few toys to play with. After a while, you can switch out some of the toys and they’ll be enjoying them like they’re brand new.

As I’m writing this blogpost, the cat still hasn’t come out of his tunnel. That means that for over 2.5 hours now, he’s been chilling there. Aww, so cute!

vanilla Christmas coffee

Unfortunately, my search for the best Moccachino (or chocolatte) hasn’t been very successful yet. I simply haven’t found a way to create one as delicious as my first Moccachino encounter at The Tea Lab.

I did however discover some Senseo Vanilla pads at the back of our cupboard. I guess I forgot how much I liked those! A normal coffee with some vanilla extract or syrup would work just as well of course. I used these Senseo pads.

What was the highlight of your week?


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