Sneak peek of my week

Happy new year! Check out what I’ve been up to in the first week of 2017!

cat toast

Of course this week started out with our activities for new years eve. We prepared the dutch oliebollen as we’ve done every year since R and I are together. They turned out great, so we spent the evening stuffing ourselves. And of course, we celebrated the new year with a toast and watching the fireworks go off all around us.

happy new year

Since I had a little time on my hands, I decided new years day would be a perfect moment to get started with hand lettering for real. The picture above shows the draft version of my very first hand lettering experiment. And it worked out pretty good, if I say so myself!

sand dune forest

Since I was going to visit my aunt and uncle, I decided I should get there early and take some time for a walk in one of the forest surrounding the town. A few days in advance, I suddenly remembered there being a small nature reserve with sand dunes in the middle of one of the forests. We used to go for a Sunday afternoon walk with my grandparents when we visited them when I was little. So I knew it had to be in walking distance from my grandparents old home.

Using the wondrous google earth, I was quickly able to pinpoint the location, since the sand dunes were clearly visible in the satellite imagery. This walk was a trip down memory lane.

gross mushroom

Now here’s a mushroom that doesn’t whet your appetite. I find red and white mushrooms gross to look at, but this green / yellowish one is a whole other league of gross.

yellow mushroom

This one I do like, an energising color you don’t often find in the Dutch forests!

forest mushroom

While I could still hear the occasional plane flying overhead, the cars passing on a distant road and some children running and yelling through the woods. I couldn’t help but feel a quiet, a stillness, pass over me. And as I started wondering about that, I started paying more attention to the sounds that for me contribute to that silence. A woodpecker hammering on a trunk somewhere in the distance. A creak of wood as one of the trees sways gently under the weight of the recent downpour. Raindrops falling from the trees and landing in the underbrush. The rustling of leaves a a bird lands on a branch nearby. Calls and quiet twittering by different kinds of birds all around me. The smell of wet pine trees and moss, the sound of flapping wings as a dove flies over the forest.

I noticed that when you slow down and start paying attention to all of the sounds around you in a forest, you’ll be amazed at the number of things you’ll hear.

twisted tree

Seeing this picture again, I’m still wondering what happened to this tree. It’s almost like a sculpture right there in the middle of the forest.

tunnel cat 2

Back at home, our cat (I’ll name him Birdy here, since we call him the Dutch phonetic version of this, Foogel), was still camped out in his tunnel. Ever since setting up his tunnel, he spends most of the day in there, either sleeping, playing or relaxing.

baby pic

Aww, look at that cute little kiddo, sneaking a peek over the rim of the stroller.

I got my hands on a book with baby pictures of me and my sister. This is me, when I was about six months old.

I love that my parents took so many pictures of us when we were young, and that they took the time to make us both a book full of pictures. I just love to look at all of them.

healthy snack

I made my favorite snack of the first Green Happiness book again. They’re called Bounty Lollipops (find the recipe here). In my case they’re not really lollipops, but just coconut lemon and chocolate snacks.

Apart from the chocolate and honey or other sweetener, this is quite a healthy snack. And wow, it’s delicious!!

I also had some time to watch a movie during one of my days off. I decided I should watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith, because I just love that movie. I had forgotten how much that movie makes me laugh. I’ve also been watching some romantic Christmas comedies. As R correctly summarised, I really like movies with a happy ending, a happy beginning and a happy middle 😀

happiness project book

This week I finally finished the book The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin. I don’t usually take such a long time to finish a book. I actually started this book back in July(!). But this book has so much info in it that I want to apply to my personal life, that I just kept needing to pause my reading to be able to let it all sink in. And now I’ve finished it and I feel like I should read it again, this time taking notes and making a plan for a potential happiness project for myself.

For now I’ve just created two New Year resolutions: Smile and Be happy !

Did you make any resolutions for 2017?

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