Sneak peek of my week

A new year for me means a new agenda. A fresh start and of course an excuse to buy a cute new agenda.

I’ve been very firm in keeping a hardcopy agenda instead of a digital one for quite some years now. This time however I’ve been seriously reevaluating that choice. However, in the end I still felt more comfortable having a hardcopy agenda at home than to switch to a digital version.

This year I did choose for small and simple, so at least I can fit it in my bag and take it wherever I want to, just like I would with a digital version on my phone.

At HEMA I can always find paper ware to my liking. This years agenda is made of brown texturised paper with sparkly golden dots and a fluorescent pink band ♥

Despite snapping pictures of our cat at least a few times every week, I feel like I haven’t been able to make a picture so adorable as the one I made when Birdy had only lived with us for a few days.

I must say, I might have outdone myself this time. I feel like this might be getting close to capturing the cute little sleeping cat from that first picture.

Hmmm, doesn’t that look delectable!

My parents just got back from an amazing trip to New Zealand, treating me with a chocolate souvenir. Whew, I’m hoping to go there sometime too. The sheer magnificence of nature there is astounding.

We’ve had some pretty cold days last week, with not only sub-zero temperatures but also with my favorite type of downpour: snow!

Of course not my favorite when we’re on the road. But hey, that just makes the usual commuting into an adventure and there’s something to say for that!

I’ve been drinking a few too many cappuccino’s to my liking this week. But I didn’t have the resolve to trade them out for a glass of water. Maybe I’ll do better next week, though I won’t be making a new years resolution for that!

I noticed how much I actually like the sweetened soy milk version of the good old cappuccino. When using sweetened soy milk, the foam itself is sweetened as well! Just sprinkle some cinnamon on top for the finishing touch.

Aww, don’t you just love this New Zealand oven mitt?!
The vibrant colors and original patterns energise my mind whenever I look at this picture.

What was your highlight of the week?

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