Sneak peek of my week

The last two weeks have not been extremely interesting, so I decided to combine my activities of the two weeks into one overview. I’ve been experimenting with how often I post on my blog to find the way to get the most out of it.

I actually took an afternoon off to spend some time on my blog (oh, and I didn’t think I’d feel like working anyway). So this week overview is actually a scheduled post – wow – I don’t think that has happened at all anymore after my blog was 2 weeks old. And you should know, I’m usually a pretty organised and prepared person. I guess that’s just not the case when it comes to blogging.

Don’t worry, I won’t keep you any longer. You’re probably dying to read about all the moderately interesting things I did this week. So enjoy!

We still had a discount coupon that would expire, so that’s why we decided to eat out on Monday. We found a great little restaurant in Ridderkerk, which served delicious carpaccio, soup, salmon and tenderloin. The place is called Brussels lof. They had a lot of chalk boards with hand lettering on the walls, which made for a great ambiance. We had a great time!

Wow, I’m so excited. You’re not going to believe this: I managed a 5 day streak of clearing all our kitchen countertops before going to sleep. It’s so wonderful to walk into the kitchen in the morning (or basically at any moment during the day), and finding it completely tidied up! I’m hoping to keep this up!

In the picture above you can see my new table decorations. I decided to keep the winter theme, because the candles and the fake snow looked amazing on my new serving stand. I found that at IKEA last week, when I was helping out a friend, shopping for kitchen equipment. When I found out the IKEA restaurant was closed, I was a little disappointed. I’d been looking forward to eating fries and Swedish meatballs all week, bummer. Lucky for me, one of the items we bought needed to be returned, so I got another chance.

And something else new last week. Come to think of it, I’ve never ever really tried out curling my hair before. I’d watched a vlog post on using a curling iron recently, but when I tried it myself nothing really happened. So when I was at the hair dresser this week, I decided to ask for some suggestions. The suggestions I got, but she also offered to show me how it’s done. And that’s how I got by a whole head of curls one Wednesday evening.

I really like how it looks, and I got a lot of positive feedback. The curls even stuck around until two days after. I so want to be able to do this myself as well. I guess I’m going to practice some more soon!

I’ve been enjoying a lot of coffees and cappuccinos again. Though after last Monday I decided I should take it down a notch, or I’ll get so dependent on coffee that I’ll get a headache whenever I decide to skip one.
Even more reason to make each coffee into something special! So at work, my soy cappuccino buddy and I decided to up the stakes and go for a heart shaped cinnamon topping ♥

I decided I should get out a bit more, so I went for a walk and noticed these cute mushrooms, basking in the morning sun.

My mom found a nice route description for walking in Willemstad, which is only a 10 minute drive from our home. I’m glad she asked, because otherwise I would probably have spent both Saturday and Sunday at home again. I’d planned on going for a walk around these parts for a while now, so this was the perfect opportunity. We started out in the picturesque Willemstad, and walked through the forest to the Volkerak sluizen, one of Europe’s biggest inland locks.

Also I we passed Fort Sabina on our way, which is an impressive low-key fort, almost invisible from the sky because all buildings are built into the landscape, covered with grass. I’m looking forward to do some more exploring here in the spring.

Also, I had some more coffee. It just looks so yummy!

And I found some flowers in our garden! I didn’t know spring had already begun! I love discovering these small miracle like acts of nature like blooming flowers.

And to top it off, I want to share this blinding combination of our coasters and a glass of carrot juice. Visually that’s a really energising combination. Taste wise… meh… not so much. Carrot juice is just not really my thing. In this case, it was more of a left-over from prepping carrots for a carrot cake. Grating carrots and creating the frosting for carrot cake is usually what keeps me from baking a carrot cake. Therefore I decided I should grate a few batches of carrots and whip up some topping to put in the fridge, so I’m ready to go whenever I feel like baking a carrot cake. Like this weekend, in preparation for my birthday, yay!

That’s it for me. Did you do anything exciting last week?

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