Sneak peek of my week

Last weekend we went on a trip to celebrate our 8th anniversary. We’d booked a room in nice little hotel which turned out to have a great view from our room.

hotel view

Looking out the window and seeing so much green gives me a lot of energy. I miss that a little bit in our current home. Though I really love the fact that we have a garden. In our previous home we just had a little balcony. Even though we’ve been living in our current home for 1.5 years already, being able to step out in the garden and tend to our plants still feels like a luxury to me!

Deventer buildings

We started out with a trip to the city Deventer, where we enjoyed some of the local delicacies and enjoyed all the old buildings in the city centre.

halloween chocolate from Sjokolaa in Deventer

Also, we ran into a little chocolate shop called Sjokolaa, which was selling all sorts of Halloween chocolate. Fortunately we just had lunch, or I wouldn’t have been able to leave the shop with just one piece of chocolate to go.


The next two days of our trip we went hiking. Even though I love spring season most, the forest was probably as beautiful as it gets with fall setting in.


In addition to beautiful landscapes we also saw a lot of mushrooms. Especially the red ones with white dots on top always look eery to me. Maybe I’ve seen too much movies where the main character is stupid enough to put one of those in his mouth.


I booked a reservation for the hotel restaurant together with the room, and the restaurant turned out to be amazing. We had a delicious meal.

glow golf

On the last day, we got tickets to go Glow golfing. Basically this is mini golf in a dark room with blacklight lighting only. Neither of us had any experience with mini golf, but we had a great time together.

pumpkin spice

On Tuesday I continued enjoying fall by creating my first ever home made Pumkin spice latte! As usual when trying out a new recipe, the first try isn’t always the best. In my case I found I had to chew my way through this cup. With that experience in mind, I tweaked the recipe some more and mashed it down to a very smooth purée before putting the rest in the freezer. By now I’ve already enjoyed multiple Pumpkin spice lattes that turned out perfectly!

fall decoration bowl

As you could see in the Pumpkin spice latte picture, I also spent some time (ok, and a little bit of shopping) to put together some nice fall decoration. Don’t you just love these guys!

fall decoration

On my day off, I got a little carried away with those two cute little foxes and ended up doing a Photoshoot with them in the garden. Is that weird? I had a great time! 😀


And as you might have noticed in the previous two pictures (are you noticing the smooth transitions from subject to subject here?!) we’ve got a lot of leaves in the yard. Like a million or so. All of these are actually just from one tree. So I pulled out my leaf blower for the first time since getting it on sale for only 5 euros last year. It actually hurt me to remove this beautiful blanket made by nature. However, if I don’t, the leaves will leave black footprints all over our light colored garden tiles. Though, I needn’t feel sad, there’ll probably be an all new blanket of leaves in just a few days time.

That’s it for me this week. What do you do to enjoy fall?

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