Sneak peek of my week

Last weekend I went hiking in a nature reserve close to my home, where I made a lot of beautiful pictures.

Dinteloordse Gorzen bridge view

I only discovered this piece of nature a week ago, while looking for secluded hiking spots close to home. This nature reserve is only 25 minutes from our house by car. I love that there are no paved paths there and no and buildings looming on the edge of the forest.

musroom tree trunks

The weather was beautiful and even though autumn really makes itself known, I had stripped myself of both my scarf and my coat by the end of my visit.

filtering light

Because I got out of bed early for this walk, it was still foggy when I arrived. I saw the fog dissapate in the sun during the first part of my hike, which resulted in this amazing effect of the sunlight filtering through the trees.


I made some pictures that honor the name of my blog. I think I spent up to half an hour on this riverbank. Just admiring the view. The water was so still, all of the sky and the scrub on the riverbank were reflected in it as if in a mirror.

highland cows

While I was trying to get a good view (and picture) of a Highland cow on the other side of the river, I got surprised by one of its friends. The guy just stood there on the trail, looking me right in the eye. I got scared a little, because I felt like it had crept up on me. Also, it’s interest in me was kind of scary. I got used to walking in between cattle when I was younger, I’d help out on the neighbouring farm whenever I could. But not knowing an animal that’s so much bigger than me made me feel a little insecure. Luckily for me, it decided to join its friend by sauntering over to the other side of the river.

commuting view

Thanks to daylight savings time going into effect last week, I could enjoy some beautiful views on the way to work again. The picture isn’t perfect due to the rain on the car window, but I didn’t want to keep this from you.

homemade coconut macaroons

Autumn weather made for freshly baked cookie cravings! I baked some coconut macaroons because that had been a while ago. I just love making cookies that feel special, but are very easy to make, like these! Minimum effort, maximum effect!

evening sky

As I left the office, I was right on time to see this beautiful view of the sun having just dropped below the horizon. Though the water isn’t as still as the pics I took earlier this week, you can still see the inceased effect of the colored sky and the lights in the distance being reflected on its surface.


Ok, so you’ll never guess what I spent my friday evening doing! I had my very first indoor skydive experience! I joined with a friend for dinner at one of our local venues, after which we went to Indoor Skydive Roosendaal. They’ve basically got an enormous vertical wind tunnel, where the weight of your body is literaly carried by the wind. By extending your legs, moving your head or moving your shoulders you can steer or fly up, down, forward or backward. The experience is very impressive, the thundering sound of the wind in your ears and the feeling of all that wind colliding with your body makes for a guaranteed adrenaline boost.


The cherry on top of the cake week was celebrating my grandma’s birthday. We got together with my grandma, uncle and aunt and some of my grandma’s friends and ate pie while swapping stories. Afterward, we went to dinner together to celebrate some more. I had this delicious caramel chocolate fudge cake with a passion fruit sorbet topping for desert. ♥

What was the highlight of your week?

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