Kitteh accessories

Today I want to share with you these super cute cat themed accessories I’ve run into while browsing online.

I hardly ever buy accessories with animals on them. Though since I’m now thinking about this, I can actually name a few items. Even though we share our home with our cat, I can’t think of any accessories we own with a cat on it.

These three items do have cats on them, and have captured my attention. They’re just too cute to keep to myself!

Please note that I haven’t actually purchased any of these items myself, so I do not know anything about the quality of the products or the reliability of these vendors.

Kitteh ring


Even though I’m more of a person for simple rings, my most worn ring is probably a quite big one with a snake circling around my finger. I love how this cat outline ring makes it look as if your fingers get hugged by a cat. Don’t you just feel like this cat is curled up, napping all day just like a real cat. The beauty for me is in the simple lines, which draw the illustration of the cat yet so clearly.

Find the cat outline ring here


Kitteh iPhone cover


I’ve had quite some mobile phones over time, though ever since my first iPhone (3S) I’ve mostly stayed with Apple. I just love the feel and look of their quality products, even though they’re quite expensive.

The downside of having an expensive phone and being careful with all my stuff is that my phone is always in a case/cover. However, I don’t buy a beautifully designed product only to hide it in some kind of protective case. Therefore I usually stick with transparent or semi-transparent cases to combine protection with the looks of the phone itself.

This cover is seems to be perfect combination of showing off your iPhone and protecting it, while also portraying your love for cats.

Find the cat iPhone cover here


Kitteh wallet


It’s just too bad that the inside of this wallet isn’t to my liking. Even now, when looking at the pictures again, my mouse pointer is drawn to the “buy now” button. These assorted kitties are just too cute! Wouldn’t you love to see them every day? I’d probably hug my wallet whenever I’d make a purchase with this one.

Find the cat wallet here

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